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We are consultants and programmers in Information and Technology field with dynamic innovation development of digital age, in order to provide solutions to every problem and business development for any growing companies.

"We Provide Solutions that raise your business above expecatation."

PT. Inovasi Dinamika Solusi

Why Choose Us

Expertise and Specialization

Provide specialized expertise and knowledge in various IT domains, ensuring that clients have access to the latest technologies and industry best practices.

Cost Efficiency

resulting in cost savings for clients by eliminating the need to establish and maintain an internal IT department.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility, allowing clients to easily adapt to changing business needs and scale their IT services accordingly.

Focus on Core Business

Clients can focus on their core business operations and strategic initiatives, while outsourcing IT-related tasks to experts, resulting in increased productivity and innovation within the organization.

Building Process


The concept of an IT company vendor involves outsourcing IT solutions and services to external specialists, enabling businesses to leverage expertise, optimize costs, and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving IT landscape.


Prototyping in IT technology involves the creation of preliminary models or versions of software, applications, or systems to test and refine functionality, user experience, and design before the final development and implementation stages.


Developing and constructing software, applications, or systems by writing code, designing interfaces, integrating components, and ensuring proper functionality, resulting in a functional and usable product.

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