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IDS Attendance

Our suite of recording applications revolutionizes the way businesses handle attendance, absence, time off, leave requests, announcements, and payroll management. With intuitive interfaces and robust features, our solutions empower businesses to effortlessly track employee attendance, manage leave requests efficiently, disseminate important announcements seamlessly, and process payroll with precision.

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tekMIRA - Uji Profisiensi

This proficiency testing program aims to evaluate the performance of participant laboratories in testing.

The testing results of samples conducted by testing laboratories, which also implement analytical procedures in their testing, are a crucial part of decision-making. Therefore, participating in proficiency testing is important as evidence of the validity of the testing data issued by the respective laboratory.

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Malaria Website 

The program will develop innovative solutions and capacities through technical assistance, South to South collaboration, and partnerships for better and more sustainable health outcomes. One of the efforts is working closely with the Government of Indonesia and development partners to strengthen the effectiveness of the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCM) in Indonesia. This project will overcome bottlenecks in grants management, information system, procurement and supply chain management, and coordination between government and civil society. 

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Clove Analytics Dashboard

Website Analytic Tools for Clove statistical Research : Management User / Role Management , Subscription/ Membership Management , Plan / Feature Management, Invoicing, Module Significant Test, Proportion Test, Mean Test, Module Brand Position , Module Brand Maps (Map Correspondents), Module PSM (Propensity Score Matching) , Module Ideal range, Dashboard Analytic / Laporan Management

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Rabbani E-Commerce

Rabbani - Web Commerce is a project aimed at developing an e-commerce platform specializing in the sale of Islamic-based products. The platform is designed to provide a convenient and secure shopping experience for consumers by offering various product categories that align with Islamic values, while also considering sustainability and ethical production practices. With an attractive interface, secure payment system, and responsive customer support, Rabbani - Web Commerce strives to create a unique and meaningful shopping experience for users.  

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Koni Jabar Atlet Management

Koni Jabar Atlet Management project is an effort to develop and manage a platform that integrates athlete data, training programs, and sports achievements in West Java. Its goal is to become a comprehensive and easily accessible source of information for users seeking up-to-date data on athletes, coaching programs, and sports accomplishments in West Java.

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Slide Babel

SLIDe Babel is a platform providing fisheries information services in the form of Fish Price data, Fish Availability (Fish Stock), Information on Types of Cultivated Fish (Fish Pedia), Marketing Locations of Fishery Products (Fish Market), Product E-Catalog (Fish Product) as well as Information on Cold Chain/Cold Storage (Fish Storage) Facilities spread across Bangka Belitung.

{" "} This innovation from the Marine and Fisheries Service of Bangka Belitung Province, which aims to provide data that is up to date and can be accessed by the wider community, was initiated in 2017 with menus that continue to be developed to answer the community's needs regarding fisheries data.

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